What To Look For In A Welding Course Provider

You may have just decided to upskill from some of your foundational know-how in welding or perhaps you’re here, completely starting from scratch to learn the basics. Regardless of where you find yourself in those situations, you grasped that there’s a welding career you want to pursue and gain the necessary skills for. But when […]

Your Next Steps After Completing Your Welding Certification

Welding is a vital field of work in New Zealand. Due to the nature of being a country rapidly developing in all fields, it requires the construction of new infrastructure projects, manufacturing projects, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive industries, and oil and gas industries, among a growing list of others. All of these fields include many welding-related […]

Top Jobs You Can Pick Up with a Welding Certificate in NZ

In many situations and often when you ask anyone about welding, you’ll get a response or an image that welding is merely a man wearing a face shield and a dirty coverall, holding a welding torch that gives out light during welding But in reality, there’s more to welding than this visual. There’s a huge […]

Want to take a welding course in NZ? Here’s how to get started

Most employers in New zealand require certified and qualified welders to catch the open opportunities as New zealand is a growing country that has multiple competing companies in different fields, so there is no place for unqualified employees. What is the required level of qualification to become a qualified welder? To become a qualified and […]