About Us

About The Welding Academy

The Welding Academy has been providing dedicated Welding training to the welding and wider engineering industry for more than 20 years.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Welding Academy is to ensure quality education and training in a caring and safe environment to prepare students for employment in a variety of occupations within the welding and engineering industries.

The Welding Academy is committed to graduating socially and ethically responsible students that are capable of pursuing industrial careers as well as further academic studies.

The Stainless Steel and Aluminium Welding Academy was established in Christchurch in December 1998 and was registered with NZQA on 1 May 1999.

The Welding Academy is a small private training provider with a lot to offer. Our professional and efficient approach to training is supported by 16 year’s experience training and qualifying students to a high standard, for a career in the Welding and Engineering Industry.

Along with our industry Board of Advisors and daily contact with professionals in the Welding and Engineering Industry, we are confident our courses meet current industry demand and provide the correct qualifications and training to meet this demand; whether it be AS/NZS 9606 , AS/NZS 2980 or ASME IX Trade Welding Certificates, ticket renewal, Unit Standards or in-company training.

The Welding Academy also offers the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Welding Level 3 and Level 4), 1 year, full time NZQA approved course designed to assist students in moving forward with their chosen career path in welding.


98% of our graduates find work in the welding industry, you will find our students throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. We have close links with the industry who often require new welders.


Qualification Pathways

With further Work Experience and/or qualifications:

  • Workshop Supervisor
  • Welding Inspector
  • Welding Supervisor
  • Welding engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Engineering Contractor

Our History

The Welding Academy was established in Christchurch in December 1998 and was registered with NZQA on 1 May 1999. We became an NZQA Category 1 training provider in 2018.

Expansion plans in 2019 resulted in us moving from our previous site on Shakespeare Road to our current site on Lismore Street, Waltham.

In 2021 The Welding Academy became part of the CC Group and with a significant investment, which is ongoing, The Welding Academy continues to grow to meet the demands for welding training in New Zealand.

In 2023 we will be offering Welding courses in our new Auckland facility.

We are a Category 1 NZQA approved welding training provider.

In our recent NZQA External Evaluation and Review Report (EER) we received a Highly Confident in educational performance and a Highly Confident in capability in self-assessment.


The Welding Academy is a high performing establishment providing an excellent training experience for welding students. The value of its outcomes is well regarded by industry. Staff are experienced and resourceful. New ownership provides further consistency to the well-established business.

Career Opportunities

Welding is used in:

  • Automotive: Towbars, Trailers and Truck Chassis.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Farm Equipment, Irrigation Systems, Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Construction: Structural Steelwork, Earthquake Strengthening and Ground Stabilisation.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Tube and Pipework.
  • Food and Beverage: Stainless Tube, Tanks, Vats.
  • Aviation Industry: Aluminium Repair and Fabrication.
  • Marine: Underwater Welding, Boat Building and Repairs.
  • Manufacturing in general.

Meet the Welding Academy Team

David Serville


Janelle C

Group General Manager

Simon Gulliver

General Manager

We are proud to announce that following our NZQA external evaluation and review, the Welding Academy has achieved the highest level of educational performance: ”Highly Confident in educational performance.”