Christchurch School

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4a Lismore Street, Waltham

Christchurch, 8011

New Zealand

Why study in Christchurch

Christchurch, also known as the Garden City due to its many parks and gardens, is New Zealand´s third-largest city and perhaps its most well-known one. The city and its surrounds host quite a few landmarks and interesting places to visit, like the Christchurch Cathedral, the Botanic Gardens, Victoria Street Clock Tower, Arion Farm Education Park, the University of Canterbury and Port Hills to name a few.


Abundance in the Arts

For the art lovers, there’s also plenty to see. Spend a day at the Canterbury Museum, where you will find a lot of contemporary art, but also older works of art and artifacts. The museum aims to help visitors understand the Māori culture and history of the country and region. Just by walking around the city, there’s art to be found, like the Bridge of Remembrance, Chalice Sculpture, Victoria Square, the earthquake memorial ‘185 Empty White Chairs’ and don’t forget the three Corgis on High Street.

A Rewarding  Lifestyle

If art is not for you, there will still be plenty to experience in Christchurch. Try out a world of food with a wide range of dining options the city has to offer or go for a quick lunch break at one of the many coffee shops and cafés. If you want to unwind after a long day of working or studying, there’s exciting nightlife to discover. Get active with one of the many leisure and sporting facilities or shop to your heart’s content at Re:Start, a unique upmarket shipping container shopping mall.

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Safe and Sound in New Zealand

All in all, Christchurch has plenty of good reasons to come to—not even just for studies but also to immerse yourself in the rich Kiwi culture and community. It’s a city you won’t get bored of nor forget quickly. As a whole, New Zealand is considered among the safest countries in the world, encouraging you to pursue your studies here with great confidence and peace of mind.