What To Look For In A Welding Course Provider

You may have just decided to upskill from some of your foundational know-how in welding or perhaps you’re here, completely starting from scratch to learn the basics. Regardless of where you find yourself in those situations, you grasped that there’s a welding career you want to pursue and gain the necessary skills for. But when […]

Your Next Steps After Completing Your Welding Certification

Welding is a vital field of work in New Zealand. Due to the nature of being a country rapidly developing in all fields, it requires the construction of new infrastructure projects, manufacturing projects, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive industries, and oil and gas industries, among a growing list of others. All of these fields include many welding-related […]

Top Jobs You Can Pick Up with a Welding Certificate in NZ

In many situations and often when you ask anyone about welding, you’ll get a response or an image that welding is merely a man wearing a face shield and a dirty coverall, holding a welding torch that gives out light during welding But in reality, there’s more to welding than this visual. There’s a huge […]

Want to take a welding course in NZ? Here’s how to get started

Most employers in New zealand require certified and qualified welders to catch the open opportunities as New zealand is a growing country that has multiple competing companies in different fields, so there is no place for unqualified employees. What is the required level of qualification to become a qualified welder? To become a qualified and […]

Fees Free Courses Now Available

Fees Free Courses Now Available Fees Free Courses* are available through the Welding Academy under contract to the NTA. Programme Name: Certificate in Welding and Fabrication (Level 3 and 4) NZQA Qualification name: N.Z. Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3 and 4) We are currently taking enrolments for the January 2022 intake Email enquiries@weldingacademy.co.nz or […]

Now Offering Evening Classes

Now Offering Evening Classes Evening Classes Welding Evening Classes – for beginners, intermediate and professional welders. Call for details 0800 770 092. Tuesday & Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm Latest News & Updates

Keeping You Safe on Our Premises

Keeping you Safe on Our Premises Covid-19 Keeping you safe on our premises On behalf of the team here at The Welding Academy, we want to update you on how we are working to keep all our students, staff and visitors safe and healthy whilst addressing the challenges of COVID-19. We take pride in keeping […]

Category 1 NZQA Approved

Category 1 NZQA Approved Do you know what welding certificates (welder qual) your employees need? Do you know what procedures your company needs to be complient?Click Here to read our guide to Certification and Procedures.   Did you know The Welding Academy in Christchurch is the only Category 1 NZQA Approved welding training provider in […]