How To Know If Welding Is For You

You might be considering pursuing a profession in welding for a while. So you’re looking up schools or training facilities where you can potentially gain the required skills for this. But every now and then, you wonder if you’ll like it, be good at it or just generally, if you’ll be a good fit for it.

We understand your predicament so we’ve rounded up a few questions to ask yourself before jumping in a course or the trade and help you decide your next step forward.

 1. Are you a self-starter?

Aside from the usual project meetings, many welders work individually and for the most part, on their own. Are you independent and driven enough to start on projects? The key here is to know how to motivate yourself to get things done even when no one is particularly looking.

2. Do you like building things?

Some of the specialisations and skills required in welding take time to master. As such, it is important to start from a healthy point where you already like what you’re doing. So how much do you like building things? And as it sometimes comes out of repetitive processes, also consider if you have the patience for it.

3. Are you comfortable?

We mentioned previously how welders often work on their own. But while it’s important to be a self-starter in this profession, it’s equally crucial that one feels comfortable enough to collaborate and effectively work alongside other tradespeople and clients. The key here is to be able to strike a balance between a sense of ownership and the openness to play the team.

4. Do you like solving problems?

What do you do when you come across a problem? Do you normally stand still until someone figures out a solution or do you proactively look for ways to solve it? In welding, you’ll come across many different scenarios where you have to troubleshoot whether that’s on site or in regards to a wrong measurement or cut, a design difficult to execute, and the list goes on. How you deal with each one dictates whether you’ll be a good fit for the job or not.

5. Are you skilled in Math and Science?

How are you math and science skills? We know not everyone is naturally adept at these subjects but these are things that one can learn given the right dedication and focus. As a welder, you face many scenarios where you will have to put such skills into practice such as estimating costs, choosing the right chemicals and materials, measuring cuts and other calculations.

6. Do you have the endurance for the job?

Welders often work in a complex environment far from the comfort of an air-conditioned office cubicle or the luxury of a posh co-working space. Often, welders work in open environments which could be a challenge especially during the summer. But if you have the capacity to handle extreme conditions, long hours, heat, smoke and technical equipment, then you might just find this trade suitable for you or vice versa.

If You Answered Yes To All/Most Questions

Answering yes to many, if not all of the questions above could well indicate that welding is a good choice for you. You can work independently but also are a team player. You like building things, solving problems, and learning whichever skills are needed on the job. And lastly but more importantly, you have the endurance to sustain you in whatever circumstance you find yourself in the welding trade.

Now, don’t let the doubts creep in any longer, and forge ahead on your path to a successful welding career.