Welding Projects: Fun Ideas For Both Beginners And Pros

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It doesn’t matter if you’re new to welding or a long-time professional in the trade – every once in a while you wonder about passion projects you can try that doesn’t always involve clocking in for work. Whether it’s out of boredom or you need a therapeutic release, there’s certainly a pool of cool and fun ideas you can do as a welding project.

In this blog, we’ve gathered some welding project ideas you can get your hands on, literally and figuratively, from simple to more complex ones.

 1. Vases and planters for rustic-themed spaces

Want to spruce up that corner hallway with more planters or add more character to your console with statement pieces? Now you can when you put your craft into play and come up with steel decorator items. Go big or be a minimalist with your approach and designs and have fun fabricating the new addition to your rustic home.

2. Wine bottle holder for the avid entertainer

Another great idea to try is fabricating your own wine bottle holder to showcase your wine collection. If you like having guests over and entertaining people for whatever occasion during your time off work, then this fun project will not only amuse you but your social circle. Make it a statement piece and watch how it becomes a conversation starter.

3. Floating shelves for the bookworms

For those who keep a decent collection of books but don’t want it to take up so much of your floor space being stored in a book case, you’ll want to try floating shelves to accentuate your favorite reads and maximize your floor area. The hanging shelf system gives a modern industrial aesthetic and is also easy and simple to do.

4. Tools trolley for the committed welder 

What does a welder need apart from his tools? Answer: Something to put his tools in. The idea of fabricating your own welding cart to help you at work when moving your tools from one workstation to the other is not only fun but also very functional. You’ll be needing scrap sheets of steel, some magnets and wheels, and you can get started right away.

5. Fire pit for the colder weather  

Winter or not, sometimes you can’t accurately tell for sure when suddenly the weather just decides to be chilly. If you or any of your family members tend to bring out a jumper and get cold easily, you might want to make your own fire pit to put in your backyard. As useful as it is, you can also host outdoor s’mores parties with this project.

6. Showerhead for a zen bath aesthetic

Welders are known to be hard at work ding a tough job beong exposed to various elements and risks. So it’s only understandable you’d want to come home and take refuge in your personal oasis through a hot bath. Sure, you can easily have a store-bought showerhead with no fuss but if you’re particular about perhaps a rain shower design and its functionality, you may want to try and fabricate one yourself for a lesser cost.

Welding as a Fun and Creative Trade

Often, welding can be associated with mechanical and technical tasks. But it doesn’t have to be just one or the other. As you can see with the list of cool welding projects, it also involves a dash or artistry and creativity. Now people don’t have to look at it only as one way – yes, welding is fun and even more so after you’ve created something and accomplished your projects.